1970's dress in the disco era

Published: 21st June 2010
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believe it or not Disco had zip to do with the way that you dressed, although it was a type of music. However , with the fashion world always developing with its place in history, as disco music hit the scene, the fashion went with it also. To understand the 1970's dress in the disco era one would need to understand the music.

With disco music there were influences in the smooth soul sound that so many folk grooved to and the beat of funk music. During the 1970's fancy dress, disco music had a sound of electrical guitars and pianos and if you were looking out for a style to go with this music you wanted to buy as much polyester as you could.

Polyester was a 1970's fancy dress signature fabric and look. Polyester was sort of fabric that would resist anything, even a night out at the disco after you have finished sweating out each curl in your hair. This material was intensely sturdy and very cheap to purchase. Though polyester is intensely simple to care for it's also very flammable being that part of its textile comes from plastic bottles.

The 1970's dress clothes was better famous for having the hot pants look. Hot pants were shorts that were intensely short and were generally worn with a coat. Unlike other fashions before it, the 1970's disco time fashions weren't to be worn in the daytime. This was an evening look only , especially for the Glam Gods more widely known as the wealthy and renowned or just the who's who of their town. There wasn't any way you would be caught wearing the disco fashions any place else than under the sparkling mirror ball.

It was like putting on a costume and you only put on your costume when you are in the show and believe anyone when they tell you, a disco was like being on stage. When you went to a disco you went to a show, whether you were participating or just observing from the sidelines. With the strobe lighting and the mirror balls you wanted to wear something that made you shine. This is where all the shiny satin shirt or bodysuits and sequined jackets came about. You had to be seen on that disco dance floor and in order to be seen your clothes had to flicker into the fluorescent disco balls that hung from those black ceilings.

Everybody definitely thought that they were cool and they needed to show their faces at the disco to let everyone know. Do not forget, men were as much a part of the disco time as the women even though most will never admit it. From a very long day at work it was fun for men to throw on the stretched Lycra top with those flared bell-bottoms and platform shoes and hit the scene. Viewed now as a more feminine way to dress ; men were as much a part of the 1970's disco age movement as the ladies.

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