70s Fancy Dress - Blondie Make Up Guide

Published: 23rd June 2010
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Make-Up in the 1970s : Blondie's Deborah Harry : Blondie's front woman, Deborah Debbie Harry, was a punk rock / new wave icon in the 1970s. She is famous for her messy bleached blonde hair and bright red lipstick.

To get Debbie Harry's look, start by using a transparent liquid foundation to the face. To spotlight the cheek bones, sweep a blush across the cheek and bring it all of the way to the temple for an aggressive rock star look. For fairer complexions, try a dusty rose or light pink blush ; for darker complexions, try a rose blush or one with peach or coral undertones. To contribute to the glam, brush some sheer glisten face powder over the cheek bones, highlighting the formerly applied blush.

Smoldering eyes with bright eye shadows was very popular in the 1970's punk era. Apply any shade of pink eye shadow overboard eyelids up all the way to the eyebrow. For a bolder look barely dampen the eye shade before applying it to the lid, this can cause the shadow to become brighter and more solid looking. Next, employ a slanted eye shadow brush to use a silver eye shadow to the outer lid, sweeping it in toward the interior of the eye along the crease of the lid, extending up slightly under the brow. Employ a solid black eye pencil to line the upper and lower lash lines. Make the higher lash line a little thicker than the bottom. Barely moisten the silver eye shade then apply it to the top lid just above the black liner. Apply the dampened silver eye shade on the lower lid slightly below the black liner. This can tie the look together.

Snag Debbie Harry's signature bright red lips by lining the lips with a red lip pencil. Fill in the lips with a bright red lipstick. For a glam look, utilise a shimmery lipstick. For Debbie Harry's classic look, stick with either a bright orange red or a true red shade.

Another signature of Debbie Harry's in the 1970s was her untidy bleached blonde hair, worn either just above or below the shoulders. The more your hair looks like you rolled out of bed, the more punk the look. To fake the sloppy look, try spiral curling the hair into sections, then run your fingers thru the freshly styled hair before it cools. Flipping your hair a number of times adds to the untidy look, making it appear more natural.

Debbie Harry frequently wore one strapped tank tops with stripes in both bright colours and black. For cooler climates, wear a short jean jacket over the shirt and add a few buttons to improve the punk music look. Thin silver ring earrings and multiple necklaces in both silver and black will also help tie together the 1970's punk music look Deborah Harry made so famous.

In the 1970s, Blondie's front girl, Debbie Harry, made waves in both the music and fashion scenes. Her feminine punk rock look is still a favourite style for most.

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