70s Fancy Dress - The ultimate Party Theme

Published: 23rd June 2010
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If you know anything about the seventies then you probably know about the hallucinogenic coloured shirts to match the brightly coloured trousers. You probably remember the bell-bottom pants with the large flare at the bottom. Whether it is the Afro, the bouffant hair-do, or the disco-sequined shirts that you remember, it is certain to make for a great 1970's fancy dress party theme.

Where do you begin one would ask. Well, if you weren't apart of the 70's then your most important step would be to understand one or two important things such as Disco, Fashion and Music. The 1970's was the decade that the disco look began and if you are going to throw a 1970's fancy dress themed party than knowing about the leopard skin and the white clothing that glowed is critical.

it is a time of liberation and freedom. The civil rights movement had taken off in the 60's and people were tired of the separation. The disco and fancy dress world was always searching for some way to combine everyone together. Any time that black and white both rock an Afro together we are talking about unity. When both races put on Lycra stretch disco pants in hot strident colours you are talking about unity, massively.

What other dressing up party theme are you able to have where you can hang a strobe light and a mirror ball from the ceiling? Or what about the collars on shirts that were flipped up in the air and the shirt left open at the top? You see anybody these days looking like that and you would probably think he was a freak but this was very common then. As you can see fashion played a major role in the 70's and it might be very important to understand it before having your 1970's fancy dress themed party. The 1970's fancy dress theme will be a smash as long as you wear your platform shoes or you might dress like Jane Fonda representing that fashion for fitness craze.

never forget about the 70's fancy dress music. You wouldn't have a costume party without playing disco at some particular point in the night. It's vital to understand that electric guitar, fast beat, and up-tempo music definitely describes disco music. Now we all know that the fancy dress costumes are the best part of the 1970's fancy dress but don't you simply love that 70's music. With the Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and the hallucinogenic sounds of Pink Floyd you have to like it.

The 1970's fancy dress costumes are another thing that makes the fancy dress parties a smash. You have characters from movies like Grease or Star Wars to truly set things off. And truly, how you forget about the characters from the Scooby Doo gang. Whether you liked the 1970's fancy dress films of the time or the music you couldn't go bad either way. Everybody loves 1970's fancy dress parties. Top of Form
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