The three Factors of '70s Makeup

Published: 23rd June 2010
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If you are changing your look or going retro this year and need to achieve a proper '70s look with your makeup then there are 3 first factors you have to consider. These things include the skin, eyes and the lips. The way that you apply the makeup will make a big difference when you are making an attempt to achieve a 1970s look.

The skin was a big change when the '70s came around. Girls no longer wore foundation and powder but they went for a natural glow that they already had in their skin. No foundation was being worn in any way. Instead, women used lots of moisturizer which gave their skin a natural shine of their skin tone. The goal was to have a rosy glow all alone without makeup at all over their face. If you have blots that you completely have to cover up or an uneven skin tone then you may use blendable foundation which will still allow you to have the '70s look. Don't wear powder though because you desire your skin to be shiny. Some girls used to use moisturizers that had a bit of glitter in it to contribute to the shine.

The eyes changed in a big way when the 1970s came also. Ladies ditched the fake eye lashes and continued with the natural look. Not only did they no longer wear fake eye lashes but they didn't paint their eyelids with black eye liner nor did they use black mascara. All three of these makeup items were tossed away. The eyes were about natural glimmer. Pearlescent shadows were used across the eyelids to give glisten. Natural brown mascara was employed or no mascara was used in any way. Girls no longer wore eye liner, just the sparkling shadows that were light blue, pink, silver and gold.

The lips did not change too radically in the 1970s. There had been a slight difference because they went and did become a focal point. Ladies no longer went with a pale cover up lipstick but they changed to a gloss that was frosted and glossy. Everything on a '70s lady face shone, even the lips. To maintain this look of '70s lips you would like to outline your lip with a lip liner. Go a shade darker than the frost that you are going to use. Draw totally around the bounds of the lip. Fill in the lip with a glistening or glossy frosted lipstick.

The 1970s is the easiest decade for applying makeup and making an attempt to recreate on any face. This is as all the hard eye liner drawing, putting on fake eye lashes, and other stuff went away. Women went through an era of being happy with their natural beauty and the purpose of the '70s was to bring out the shine in their natural facial features by employing moisturizers on the skin. Glimmering eye shadows were used along with sparkling lipsticks that were frosted. The lips basically looked white and frosted which brought focus to the lips in the '70s.

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